Price and Membership Details



3-Float Intro Package: $135.00

First time floating? This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to a world we think you are going to love. Research shows that it might take you more than one float to truly “let go”. Our brains are so busy they are hard to shut down. We believe that this 3-float intro package is the way to go!


Single Float: $60 non-members

One single 60-minute float in your own private float suite.


Sauna/Float Combo Packages:

30-minute sauna & 60-minute float $77

15-minute sauna & 60-minute float $68

Come sit in a warm infrared sauna and start the relaxation process prior to moving into your private room for your floatation experience.


90-Minute Expanded Float:

$68 members/$80 non-members

Sometimes it takes a little extra time to quiet the brain and reach the state of relaxation you are hoping for.  If you feel 60 minutes is not enough for you, then try our extended float!

*Introductory prices.


Membership Pricing:

(3 month minimum, shareable with 1 family member, auto charged)

$50.00 – includes 1 float per month & membership benefits.
$90.00 – includes 2 floats per month & membership benefits.
$160.00 – includes 4 floats & one 30-minute infrared sauna per month & all membership benefits.
$280.00 – includes 8 floats & two 30 minute infrared saunas per month & membership benefits.

Membership Benefits:

All additional floats will be priced the same as your membership float price!

Members will receive 15% off of all additional services & merchandise!

All floats roll over and never expire forthe life of your membership!



15-minutes:  $15.00

30-minutes:  $25.00

60-minutes:  $55.00